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Guest interview – The Fab Vallory Vance and her Main Character, Lena

Hi, Vallory and Lena I’m glad to have you on my blog. First off, like any good partnerships, I want to know how you first met.
Vallory: I should probably take this one. I was at an outdoor concert totally into the music and had a thought about what these guys, who had to the power to hold a crowd of thousands entranced, were like at home. I kept thinking about their wives and girlfriends and parents and kids. Ethan spoke to me first and then I met Lena.
Vallory, tell me what you would tell me if your character weren’t listening. Why do you love him/her? Hate him/her?
Vallory: I love Lena. I wish I could be her. Super-mom with a clean house and balanced meals and yoga and looking all cute!
What drives you craziest about him/her?
Vallory: I hate shopping and I have to envision outfits to keep up with her image.
You might know my son through his fictional avatar, Ezra the Dream-Traveller. He’s eleven-years-old. Would you introduce your character to Ezra – do it now, please!
OK, (character wakes up). 
ROFL!! Nothing like dodging a question by claiming that the questioner was asleep! 
Lena, welcome to my blog. I don’t get a chance to talk to fictional characters often; perhaps that’s why I wrote someone else’s character into my latest novel. Now that I have your ears, how would you describe Vallory Vance? Do you like being written by her?
Lena Spencer: Vallory has her moments, but she can be a little scattered and is frequently late.
Each of you, tell me about a time when you had to share something with each other.
Lena: I shared with Vallory the importance of having a schedule.
Vallory: And I shared with Lena that the muse cannot be scheduled!
Now, how about a time when you had an argument.
Vallory: I think this is it right now. As Lena and I have discussed, I’m not as organized as her. Therefore she has to cut me some slack. Jeez, I feel like Ethan!
Lena: Do you think that was…
Vallory, describe your novels in a way that will appeal to my audience.
I like to think I write sweet and sexy romances that allow the reader a fun escape.
Lena, what do you think about being fictional?
Lena: It’s very hard to explain. I’m pretty real to myself!
Vallory, I’m going back to that first question. Did you start the book with Lena, with the plot, or some other way?
Vallory: I think I started with the hero’s job and went from there.
What in your life made you want to do this crazy thing of putting words on a page or in a file, and hoping someone cares?
Vallory: I’ve always wanted to be a writer and finally at 40, I decided just to do it.
Now, Vallory, tell me all about this book and prequels/seuels. – Spoilers can be left out. Lena, you may interrupt, but I have the delete key!!
Vallory: Music for Her Soul is a contemporary second chance romance. Ethan Holden is returning after a 10 month European tour to reclaim the heart of Lena Spencer. And as you’ve seen if it’s not on Lena’s schedule, it takes a lot to it done.
OK: Goofy stuff.
Favorite piece of music:  I’m really into Ray Charles and B.B. Kings’ Sinners’ Prayer right now.
Favorite recording artist: The Purple One – Prince
NY Times or Post? Times
Wine, beer, or liquor? Wine – Pinot Grigio
Poetry or song lyrics? Song Lyrics
Pizza or paté? Pizza (but still love pate)
How do we find your blog, email you, or buy your books? You can find me on the Vallory V Blog, Smashwords and Amazon!

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